Analogue modulation of back-propagating action potentials enables dendritic hybrid signalling

New paper on “Analogue modulation of back-propagating action potentials enables dendritic hybrid signalling” published in Nature Communications by KOKI Scientists

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Researcher from the IEM-HAS discovered that back-propagating action potentials are not simply digital feedback signals in dendrites but also carry analogue information about the overall state of neurons. Using dendritic recordings, calcium imaging and glutamate-uncaging methods they showed that the analogue information about the somatic membrane potential modulate the dendritic action potential waveforms and local calcium influx enabling analog state-dependent long-term synaptic plasticity.

Dual-channel 3D-STORM image of an axon terminal decorated with CB1 cannabinoid receptors

Anatomical evidence for protein translation in nerve endings with STORM

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Electron microscopic studies failed to detect the translation machinery in mature mammalian axon terminals for decades. In this study, exploiting the single-molecule sensitivity of N-STORM, scientists from KOKI and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine demonstrated that ribosomal RNA and protein are present in inhibitory axon terminals of the hippocampus, and that local presynaptic protein synthesis is required for the long-term plasticity at these synapses.

N-STORM image

New paper on “Microglia protect against brain injury and their selective elimination dysregulates neuronal network activity after stroke” published in Nature Communications by hungarian scientists

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“We show that selective elimination of microglia results in dysregulated neuronal activity and increased brain injury after experimental stroke in mice. Microglia-neuron interactions were visualized by N-STORM super-resolution microscopy, which revealed the formation of a direct contact between microglial processes and the neuronal cell body and identified clusters of microglial P2Y12 receptors at microglia-neuron contact sites.

Közös ügyünk a kutatók sikere

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A Nikon mikroszkópok hazai képviselőjeként kap­csolódott be a Nemzeti Agykutatási Programba (NAP) az Auro-Science Consulting Kft. Soós Miklós ügyvezető igazgatót és Kun Andrást, a cég Képalkotás üzletágának vezetőjét arról kérdeztük, milyen hatással lehet a tudományra egy ilyen együttműködés.

New Paper on „Correlated confocal and super-resolution imaging by VividSTORM” published in Nature Protocols by KOKI Scientists

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Abstract: Single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) is rapidly gaining popularity in the life sciences as an efficient approach to visualize molecular distribution with nanoscale precision. However, it has been challenging to obtain and analyze such data within a cellular context in tissue preparations. Here we describe a 5-d tissue processing and immunostaining procedure that is optimized for SMLM, and we provide …

Nikon-KOKI 2015 Image Contest

2015 Nikon-KOKI image contest results

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There was 10 candidates and 40 images. The first three winners honored with binoculars. In reverse order: 10. Tóth Estilla                     Ball Lightning 9. Bíró László                        Space Boomerang 8. Karlócai Rita                     Cyanophyta 7. Gregori Erzsébet              Cross-section of a Long Bone 6. Barti Benjamin                 Sand Glass Homokóra 5. Miczán Vivien                   Festive Light 4. Laszló Zsófia                     Neuronal Circuit 3. Krizsán Éva                       Rolling …

Nature Protocol cover

Cover page of Nature Protocols by KOKI Scientists

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Individual mitochondria in a mouse cortical nephron visualized with correlated confocal and STORM superresolution microscopy. January 2016 Volume 11 No 1 The deconvolved confocal image shows a parvalbumin-positive distal convoluted tubule (cyan), the mitochondrial outer membrane receptor Tom20 (red), and F-actin labeled with phalloidin (green). The single-molecule superresolution localization points (magenta dots) representing Tom20 immunolabeling on the mitochondria are superimposed using the …

Judit Veres: Kiss

Nikon-KOKI Photo Competition 2014 results

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There was 10 candidates and 41 images. The first three winners honored with binoculars, congratulations! 1. Benjamin Barti: Symmetry Sample description: Fixed mouse oviduct section, 20 um. Labeling: Green: Nestin labeled with anti-nestin, visualized by Alexa 488. Blue: Cell nucleus labeled with DAPI. Red: F-actin labeled with Alexa Phalloidin 594 secondary. Microscopy method: Nikon A1R Confocal, 20x 2. Zsolt Lele: …

New Paper on „Cell-specific STORM super-resolution imaging reveals nanoscale organization of cannabinoid signaling” Published in Nature Neuroscience by KOKI Scientists

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The paper co-authored by researchers from the Momentum Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology (IEM HAS*) on „ Cell-specific STORM super-resolution imaging reveals nanoscale organization of cannabinoid signaling” introduce a new approach to determination of  the nanoscale position and quantity of signaling molecules  in a cell type specific manner. With the help of Nikon STORM system combined with physiological and anatomical characterization …