Conditions to use the systems of the Nikon-KOKI Imaging Center by external reseachers

Anyone wishes to use the Center should contact Mr Laszlo Barna.

1. Each system can be used by external researchers if the experiments are performed in collaboration with a KOKI researcher. The details of the collaboration need to be laid down in a written form and signed by the external and internal researchers and by the Head of the Center. It is advised that the imaging experiments would be performed by the internal researcher, who has already experience on how to use the systems. If an external researcher wishes to perform the experiments himself/herself then he/she needs to participate at the introductory course given by the Head of the Center. The internal researcher holds the liability to cover the costs of any potential damage on the systems. Any publication or patent arising from the collaborative work should include KOKI as official affiliation.

2. The STORM/C2 superresolution/confocal system, the C2+ confocal system and the data analysis platforms are available for any external user for a user fee. It is mandatory to participate on the user training and get official permission from the Head of the Center. The user is liable for any damage caused by inappropriate use of the systems. The Center charges 14,000 Ft/hour for the STORM/C2 system; 10,000 Ft/hour for the C2+ system; and 3,000 Ft/hour for the analysis platform use. The Center is a non-profit unit of the KOKI, all income will be used for maintenance costs (e.g. to cover laser replacements).

3. Potential customers of Nikon microscopes are advised to contact Dr. Andras Kun, the Head of Nikon Imaging Division to discuss the potential use of the systems for trial experiments.”

Joined the National Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3)

Joined the National Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3)