Varga-Biro-Pejtsik: The shape of excitment

2018 Nikon-KOKI image contest results

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In the image category the first three winners honored with camera or binoculars sponsored by Nikon CEE and Auroscience Kft.. There were 11 candidates and 41 images.

10. László Bíró: Hydra Invasions

László Bíró: Hydra invasion

Description: Fixed mouse visual cortical brain section, 30um
green: Perineuronal nets labeled with Lectin from Wisteria floribunda agglutinin visualized by Alexa 488–conjugated secondary antibody
blue: parvalbumin labeled with anti-parvalbumin visualized by Alexa 647–conjugated secondary antibody
Microscopy method: Confocal, 20x

9. Éva Krizsán: The Surface of the Sun

Krizsan Eva: The Surface of the Sun

Description: vGAT/IRES-cre//Gt(ROSA)26Sor_CAG/LSL_ZsGreen1 (TmTm) : Bl6Fx transgenic mouse brain fixed with 4% PFA, coronal section, 50um
medial globus pallidus, cerebral peduncle (basal part)
ZsGreen1 transgenic mouse
Microscopy method: A1R confocal, 20x

8. Tamás Wilheim: I got you

Wilheim Tamás: I got you

Description: Fixated rat brain section after 1h ischaemia, and 1h re-perfusion.
green: ezrin primary with FITC secondary
red: IBA1 primary, CY3 secondary.
Microscopy method: A1R confocal, 60x oil, 3D reconstructed, with Amira

7. Erzsébet Gregori: Flames

Gregori Erzsebet: Flames

Description: 4% PFA fixed PVeGFP mouse; horizontal brain section; striatum (50 μm) Labeling:
Yellow: goat GFP labeled with Alexa 488 Donkey Anti-Goat
Red: rabbit Synaptotagmin2 lebeled with Cy3 Donkey Anti-Rabbit
Microscopy method: Nikon C2 confocal microscope, 60x magnification

6. Balázs Újfalussy: Bonsai Trees

Újfalussy Balázs: Bonsai Trees

Description: Manganese dendrites (mineral forms) on a piece of stone
Labeling: –
Microscopy method: Canon G15 digital camera

5. Barbara Orsolits: Carnival

Orsolits Barbara: Carnival

Description: Fixed astroglial culture
Blue: CytC positive mitochondria, Red: astrocytes labeled with anti-GFAP, Yellow: nuclei labeled with hoechst
Microscopy method: Confocal, 60x

4. Benjamin Barti: Unmoved movers

Barti Benjamin: Unmoved movers

Description: Fixed mouse cerebellar brain section, 300 um

Faint-orange: DAPI; Red: biocytin filled Purkinje Cells visualized by streptavidin 488; Blue: GFAP labeled with anti-GFAP, visualized by CF568 secondary antibody.

Microscopy method: Confocal, 20x

3. Gyula Balla: The long arm of coincidence

Balla Gyula: The long arm of coincidence

Description: fixed mouse brain section (Globus pallidus), 50 um
Labelings: blue – DAPI, visualized by DyLight 405, green: labelled with anti Gpr158, visualized by Alexa594, far-red: CB1 – labelled with anti-CB1, visualized with Alexa647
Microscopy method: confocal, 20x
Equipment:   Nikon A1R – confocal imaging
Software: NIS Elelents AR

2. Judit Glavinics: Meteor Shower

Glavinics Judit: Meteor Shower

Description: fixed mouse hippocampal brain section, 20um
Labeling: CB1 receptor labeled with anti-CB1 visualized by Alexa 488Ėconjugated secondary antibody, NECAB2 labeled with anti-NECAB2 visualized by Alexa 561Ėconjugated secondary antibody, DAPI
Microscopy method: confocal, 20x

1.  Varga-Biro-Pejtsik: The shape of excitment

Varga-Biro-Pejtsik: The shape of excitment

Description: Cell activation pattern in response to novelty stress, fixed zebrafish whole-brain sample
white: DAPI
“fire”: pErK labeled with anti-pErK visualised by alexa 488-conjugated s.a.
Microscopy method: confocal, 20x large image


In the Video category the winner honored with digital camera sponsored by Supertech Kft.

1.  Prokop Susanne: Invasion

Author list:  Susanne Prokop, László Barna, István Katona Institure of Experimental Medicine
Description: Transiently transfected HEK293 cells, live
Labeling: GFP-tagged CB1 cannabinoid receptor, fluorescent protein fused with CB1
Microscopy method: live cell confocal microscopy, A1R, 60X water immersion objective