Co-transmission of acetylcholine and GABA regulates hippocampal states” published in Nature Communications by KOKI researchers, localised vesicle pools using STORM super-resolution imaging. Congratulation!

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Challenging a decades-old model of non-synaptic transmission of acetylcholine, we show that all hippocampal cholinergic terminals establish GABAergic synapses. We demonstrate that these synapses co-transmit GABA and acetylcholine via different vesicles, whose release is triggered by distinct calcium channels. This co-transmission evokes composite postsynaptic potentials, which are mutually cross-regulated by presynaptic autoreceptors. The GABAergic component alone effectively suppresses hippocampal sharp wave-ripples and epileptiform activity. This differentially regulated co-transmission suggests a hitherto unrecognised level of control over cortical states.

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