Congratulations to Dr. Laszlo Barna on being awarded the Gabor Denes Prize!

Dr. Laszlo Barna was awarded the Gabor Denes Prize

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We are happy to announce Gabor Denes Prize of Dr. Laszlo Barna engineering physicist, leader of the Microscopy Center at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Gabor Denes Prize has been established 30 years ago with the aim of recognizing unique innovations in the field of technology and engineering.

Dr. Laszlo Barna has earned this important award with his role in the introduction of super-resolution microscopy in the area of medical research and the development of the Microscopy Center into a worldwide recognized facility.

Gabor Denes Prize (in Hungarian):

Dr. Laszlo Barna awarded the Gabor Denes Prize